7 Reasons to go with React Native for Business Mobile Application

November 20, 2021 - 4 minutes read

Why your business needs a mobile application that is compatible with android and iOS. A native application developer skilled in app development and other critical maintenance components can contribute to the steady growth of your business. A shared codebase, native-like interfaces, decreased time and cost, pre-built components, plugins support, supportive community contribute to the success of mobile applications with react technology.


1. Single Code for android and iOS

Single codebase allows developers to write codes and take half the time to build applications. It has grown as the most preferred platform for app development. So react native uses a flexbox layout engine for generating the app layout. Hence developers need to learn only one layout engine for iOS as well as android.


2. Natural Transformation

It doesn’t employ native language instead its components are bridged with JavaScript to connect each with the native module and perform the required action.  It is easy to learn and use, so it is a fundamental programming language like JavaScript and CSS. React native runs most of the complex applications very smoothly.


3. Free of Cost

An open-source program language which supported well by almost all leading IDE’s. It is available and free to everyone. Open-source technology has a great extent of the community behind it.


4. Simple-efficient mobility solutions

It is one of the most reliable frameworks for building next-generation mobile applications. An efficient framework reduces the time frame of development. iOS and Android require different skillsets and expertise for application development, all of these major difficulties are solved by the react-native framework as simple yet efficient.


5. Cross-platform development

It promises high-quality applications, the development framework demands more recognition. Initially, react native only supports iOS only, however, high demand and functionality compel it for android as well.


6. Efficiency

The developer’s community usually supports the react-native framework due to its consistency, reliability, and feature-rich functionality for better app efficiency and performance. High pace to fulfill application requirement with react native.


7. Code Reusability standards

It works on works on native components instead of browser DOM components. React native provides a material kit, react-native elements, native base. React native’s code has the same look and expertise. Hence it decreases the development cost for writing two codes individually for two different platforms.


The cross-platform compatibility, native functionality, real-time updates, ever-evolving technology, developer’s favorable experience, and more aligned react applications are more startling. Keep faith with react native and build your application with Ynot Infosolutions. Keep your transformations up-to-date. Contact our team or call: +91 95447 75551.

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