A quick look at the modern, concise and safe android application development technology – Kotlin

July 27, 2021 - 3 minutes read

The standard and style of Android applications are modified with Kotlin SDK. A general-purpose programming language that built cross-platform and statically typed mobile applications. Top companies like Pinterest, Trello, Slack, Evernote, Netflix, Zomato switch to Kotlin from Java programming language.

Kotlin was developed in 2012 February by Jet-brains under the Apache 2 license. As we all know that java is a portable and platform-independent programming language, like Java, Kotlin targets Java Virtual Machine(JVM) and java libraries. Like some other programming language, have essential and auxiliary constructors. The distinct feature of Kotlin allows developers to reduce the time by less coding and impressive declarations.

Stability, clarity, speed, efficiency, and reduced time are the attractive and winning features of the Kotlin language. The concise and type-safe Kotlin reduces 40% of code lines and is one of the recommended languages by Google and renowned firms due to its popularity and reputation. ‘ktlink’ is a static code analyzing tool for kotlin. The codes are either written with IntelliJ IDEA, TryKotlin, android studio, Vim, Sublime Text, and Atom is a customizable IDE with Kotlin plugins. Moreover, Eclipse IDE also makes a place for Kotlin applications. The stable release of Kotlin 1.5.20 on 24 June 2021 with tools and plugin updates.

Google promotes Kotlin with Kotlin-friendly SDK, Android KTX for learning Kotlin and developing useful and alluring mobile applications. Have you started working with Kotlin? Either are you looking for a smart and reliable android application development company? Well, you are at the right place! we, Ynot Infosloutions started to build creative and efficient mobile applications with Kotlin. Join us to build yours.

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