Develop Powerful Native Mobile Applications for Simplified Business Solutions

November 18, 2021 - 5 minutes read

Mobile applications rule the world and convenient applications simplify business functioning. Most users get this concept in their mind that mobile application is a mandatory thing to add-on to business. If you want to run a reputed business, you have to implement it anyway. The performance, reduced development cost, animations, improved UI/UX, code reusability will influence developers to choose native for developing mobile applications. The interesting – important factors of native design-development and technological tools for developing your customized mobile apps are listed below,

Features of Native Mobile application Technologies are,

1. Performance:

Native won overall in the CPU category, and won big time in this category which means it uses CPU more efficiently. Somehow, it leverages the memory much more effectively than any other technology does with CPU optimization.

2. Improved UI/ UX:

It’s all about mobile UI. It uses a UI components library of its own with a native base, native elements, native material design that are useful for its users.

3. Code Reusability:

The effective features of the native want to learn once to write everywhere. App developers requested to write code on a shared codebase to save effort and time. Native enables app developers to reuse the code that is written once.

4. Reduced development time and cost:

The same codebase is used so the required time and cost are reduced to half. Both the mobile application and web app developed with reusable modules that improve development time and labor cost.

5. Animations:

Visual/ animations are considered vital to improving user interface and experience. Can animate image components and as compared with other frameworks, one can create smooth animations before rendering.

Native mobile application builders in 2021:

1. Flutter:

Most popular native app builder for effective android/iOS application which hits the ever-evolving mobile application development world.

2. Mininest:

Popular Magento 2 native app builder for both android and iOS. Can transform the website into an efficient mobile application.

3. Native script:

An open-source, cross-platform mobile development framework for native android and iOS mobile applications. The main codebase includes JavaScript, Vue.js, and TypeScript.

4. Appy Pie:

Aggregation of pre-defined app templates and highlights with an excellent level of standardization for customized mobile applications.

5. Shoutem:

Excellent javascript-based native app builder for mobile application development. Like appy pie, it is also a non-coding software that offers an agreeable user experience, extraordinary designs, component template libraries.

6. GoodBarber:

Native app builder which creates amenable, cutting edge android/ iOS mobile applications for shopping applications and e-commerce business.

7. Android studio: 

An intelligent code editor helps to create and fits native android applications. The drag and drop functionality is available for project design and simplification.

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