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Firebird is derived from Borland InterBase 6.0 source code. It is open source and has no dual license. Whether you need it for commercial or open source applications, it is totally free. Firebird is a fully featured and powerful RDBMS. It have the power to handle databases from a few KB to many Gigabytes with good performance and almost free of maintenance.

 The main Features Of Firebird are

Referential Integrity,

Multi Generational Architecture,

Very small footprint,

Support for External Functions,

No configuration needed,

Dozens of third party tools,

Full ACID compliant transactions,

Many ways to access your database and Incremental Backups.

Trying Firebird is a very simple task.

The installer size usually is less than 7MB (depending on the operating system)

fully automated.

Firebird server comes in four types. They are Super Server, Classic, Super Classic and Embedded. It has excellent concurrency, performance, and powerful stored procedure & trigger language.

This relational database has been used in production systems (under a variety of names) since 1981 and features many ANSI SQL standards. Firebird is capable of running on Linux, Windows, and various Unix platforms


  • Trace API for real-time monitoring
  • Windows-trusted authentication
  • Four supported architectures:
    • SuperClassic, Classic, SuperServer, and Embedded
  • Variety of development tools:
    • Commercial tools: FIBPlus and IBObjects
  • Automatic sweep option to clean database
  • Event notifications from database triggers and stored procedures


  • Integrated replication support isn’t included (only as add-on)
  • Lacks temporary tables and integration with other database systems
  • Windows-trusted authentication lacking in comparison to other OS solutions
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