Making of best possible “Call To Action” for better website conversions.

May 27, 2020 - 6 minutes read

Call to action means it’s the link for obtaining a desired action on the website or we can say that it’s the highlighted option to perform the wanted action on the website. Here are some of the commonly “calls to action” words that you have gone through.
• Get a Free Demo
• buy it now
• Get your offer now
• download free
• Sign me up, etc.
The call to action button should be always highlighted from its background such that the audience gets an eye on it. It should be clear and defined for the viewers in a single look that “what is the purpose of this call to action button”. Don’t make the call to action process longer, if it’s longer there are enough chances for lowering your website conversions. So make your steps simple and faster for the audience. Now let’s go through some of the possible ways to create an effective CTA option.

• Should focus straightly to the point: While you are giving an offer on your page, assume it’s a cloth selling website and you are offering a discount for the cloths. So you should introduce your offer simple and effective. You can use keywords like “Get your discount” or “Great offers now”. These are the usual keywords that are familiar to you. You can introduce some better words that are attractive and straight focusing on your intention. If your website includes movies and songs that can be downloaded and website owner needs better download conversions, then most likely the CTA should include words like “downloading..” or “download it now”, etc. I think you have already got the point I have talked about now, right?

• Should stand out from the rest: As I mentioned before, the CTA option or button should be highlighted from its background such that viewers should see it faster. Make it attractive and put some better impressions on it. For example, give a better color from the background color such that it may give highlighted impressions. You can select better designs or patterns that are eye-catching.

• Should be A/B tested for better results: A/B test is a test to sort out the best combination of choice that is most effective and more likely to be clicked. It includes the best color, best location on your website, better size, and content, etc. Below mentioned are some of the requirements before running this A/B test.
1. The website should have access to CMS, FTP, etc.
2. A/B testing software
3. Factors you want to be tested
4. Should have the patience to get the results because it may take more than 30 days.

• Proper location and Size: location and size are something to be marked as very important. Consider the location, if you are locating your CTA button in a false or improper location, surely your conversion rate and user experience will be too less. Only if you have kept your CTA option in proper eye-catching location, then only even people will notice for the next step. I can make it simpler, think about a website for downloading music with a CTA “download it now”. The best location to put the CTA is always near to the song description or title. So that audience gets a better look at it. It’s the same about the font, the font should be clean and big enough to even use it with mobile phones.