Master your Business Incoming with Smart Enquiry Application

October 28, 2021 - 4 minutes read

An enquiry management system ought to be saved time and effort by gathering data into sets. Everything is made simple by managing the business process through multiple interface applications.

List enquiry with all details

Collect and list all possible enquiries from different platforms like calls, social media, web forms, and digital campaigns. Moreover, the application allowed you to analyze and manage the enquiries. The application is synchronized with the CRM software, so time and effort will be minimized to half of the actual time.

Business growth to advanced level

Every company must keep track of all enquiries that are generated. We have several sources from which to drive sales. It is extremely difficult for many organizations to manage enquiries, track those leads, and, most importantly, know the conversion rate from the source of enquiries. A good mobile app-based enquiry management system saves you a lot of time and effort, which is curated with advanced technology to work without flaws.

Can take actions and follow-ups

The far more exquisite and convenient way to manage enquiries for your sales team. It simplifies team cohesion and allows you to keep track of the progress of all your contracts with relatively little effort.

Payment reminders and invoices

The managing person can see the status of enquiries. The application is capable of generating payment reminders and invoices. In addition, mailing options are included.

Quotation management

The enquiry application can send quotations to enquiries. As per the general format, the quotations are manageable without designing or from the scratch building.

Daily and monthly report

Managers or CRM can track the complete record or action that would take place. A basic enquiry management application has the following options. As per the requirements of the business, the options will be changed. The main clickable options are;

  • Main Menu
  • Enquiry form
  • Follow up
  • Client details/ lead details

The enquiry management mobile application allows you to send directly from the software itself with just one click. Time to make an up-to-date reminder, and the software will repeat you! To develop your business-oriented enquiry management application, feel free to contact Ynot Infosolutions. We’d wait to hear from you.


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