Smart connectivity and digital snapshot of your working team

October 26, 2021 - 5 minutes read

The company and its staff’s workforce isn’t a pile of papers in a cabinet. It isn’t possible to manage the day-to-day filing on a piece of paper or even in a computer document file. The team or management can’t simply breathe in the filing system.

The staff management mobile applications make better use of everyone’s time by managing HR documents, tasks, assets, and time-off in an online exchange that your entire team can use. It is a dynamic mix of staff, projects, and business that means paperless less time and more productivity.

what instances make staff management applications convenient and easy.


Staff Onboard:

Customized dashboard for controlling workflow and assignments. Employees can easily access all features and effective time management matrices. Messaging and chat options enabled to reduce ideal time and disruptive phone calls.


Personalized onboarding page for each new employee:

Each new joiners get their credentials to log in and assign their works. Each activity and its timeline are noted for future purposes. Also, they can add their personalized details to simplify their initial working process.


A single page for employees: 

By making relevant company information and news available to employees, staff can familiarize themselves with the work being done by their colleagues throughout the company.


Task Management:

Ongoing works and deadlines on the office application increase staff engagement. Employees can sign up using their own Personal computer or mobile device. These types of mobile applications are far easier than SMS or email information. Easy to determine and solve work-oriented issues.


Staff directory and Bio:

Staff can also contact someone in another department but are unsure who to approach with their query. Including a communication directory on the corporate network makes it simple for employees to find the right person.


Safe forms and contract management:

 As per staff policies and terms, the mobile application can remind authorities regarding important contracts and forms. Also, alert about staff leaves and resignations.


Staff info in a single platform: 

Can communicate and manage all members and activities through a single platform.


Chat functions:

Enables communications and interactive sessions for staff on the office network.


Company News:

A mobile office app would be incomplete if it did not include company news and employee information. This could be the first place they look for such important knowledge. If the organization is stated in the news or is nominated for an award, it can be easily shared with all employees.


A staff management mobile app can be used to help engage your employees, especially your frontline workforce. There is a mixture of features that empower engagement that we have covered. If you’d want to consider a mobile app to increase your staff engagement approach, then get in touch with Ynot Infosolutions!

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