Technologies that influence the growth of mobile application

June 2, 2020 - 6 minutes read

Mobile application development has grown to a giant in the technical world due to its influences, conversions, etc. Competitions to produce the latest technologies and trends in mobile app development is a casual custom nowadays. There are 5 billion mobile users in the world in which according to Google, 2.6 million apps have been downloaded in last year in android phones itself were 2.2 million downloads for IOS applications. Adding essential features making apps more flexible, attracting and satisfying for the customers are some of the works every developer concentrate while building their apps. Now let’s go through some of the technologies that help in the growth of mobile apps to the next level.

Artificial Intelligence

In today’s world, many of the inventions or the impossible were made possible by the introduction of AI and machine learning. They are an inevitable part of today’s technology growth. We know the smartest apps will be the trending ones in society. How the app is being smartest than others? This is because of AI programming in these apps. Good apps can reduce your time, effort, risk, etc creating trust and loyalty towards the users.

Wireless 5G network

Presently except some countries, we all are using 4G networks but 5G networks are not far ahead. In the coming years, the mobile application is going to perform far better than now by 5G networking connections. It is sure that 5G is going too far faster than 4G so that applications connectivity and performance can be improved to the new level. Also, new technology inventions for enhancing mobile applications can be developed. Making it clear, by 4G networks video calls with better quality and reduces network lagging issues which made it possible of welcoming new technologies and faster mobile applications.

Beacon technology

Beacon technologies are widely used in healthcare, hotels, retail application, event applications, museums, etc. Beacon technology working includes a wireless transmitter that is used to send signals by the medium of Bluetooth. Beacon technology increases application engagement and retention. For understanding, let’s take health care as an example. Beacon technology helps in smooth and fast check-in and check-out, delivers information easily, enables locking and unlocking of doors with mobile phones, etc

On-demand apps

On-demand apps allow the user to order their requirements online. From ordering food to taxi services are available now through on-demand apps. The highlights of On-demands apps are its timing, you will be able to access your requirement as per your time. For example, you can select and order the food online when you need it, it will be delivered as per your required time.

Cloud platform

We all developed a system of saving our data on the internet. The reasons are many like flexibility, security, long durable storage, accessibility from anywhere, etc. In the case of mobile applications, it also now promotes these trends which made apps far better than before. Also, this technology reduces the internal storage use of mobiles such that space issues of phones are overcome up to an extent. Some of the cloud platforms familiar to us will be google drive, dropbox, own cloud, etc. The other helping hand of cloud storage is data loss prevention and data recovery.

Internet of Things

IoT transformed our world to a whole new level. Several operations in different sectors are made simple and efficient by the implementation of IoT. The implementation of IoT on mobile application helps to come out of several issues and brought out many advantages. Some of them are cost-effectiveness of apps that is IoT enables organizations to create their apps with high productivity and fewer expenses, by analysing data about user experience improved and updated user experiences are introduced, etc

Automation, Enterprise Mobile Management, Application Performance Management, Block chain, Wearable devices, etc are some other technologies that influenced the growth of mobile applications. This blog can be filled with countless words because technologies have brought miracles in every sector including mobile app developments.

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