The Circle of Digital Transformation, Technology, and Right Strategy

May 20, 2020 - 6 minutes read

A lot of innovations have taken place in these past years in every sector. These new technologies and inventions have helped the human race in several manners. But can we tell that updated technologies itself can enhance your companies productivities or services?. No, because only with the right strategy implemented on the relevant technology can only bring better outputs for any business. Before implementing a technology there should be a brief idea about the pros and cons of technology and the rate at which this can influence the business with the right strategy. If you go through the Google, you can see a lot of companies failed to implement digitized technologies and lost a lot of investments, this is not because of the false technology implementation, it’s because of the maturity and organizational capabilities to make the best strategy to apply for that technology. An organization reaches its maturity when they are capable of developing and handling digital technologies like mobiles, social, cloud, and analytics. Proper technology with the right strategy brings out the perfect digital transformation. In other words, we can say that digital transformation, technology, and strategy are three points linked in a circle, any one of the points is missed, and the circle won’t last long. For example, IoT is one of the latest technology in demand that is already implemented in giants like Amazon, etc. They have brought a better result and outcome with the influence of IoT in their company for several purposes. This was possible only because of clear planning and organizing the strategies for this technology and strictly sticking with the plan. Now let’s familiarise some of the points you must stick on while developing the right strategy for digital transformation.

• Business Objectives: As I mentioned above the main reason for failures in implementing digital technologies is the right track of planning. 1st stick with your objective, what output you required from implementing this technology. What all expectations are there? How are you going to follow this technology once you implemented it? etc.
• Gather information from experts: gathering information from experts that have already worked in the field where you are going to implement the technology. Because there may be several occasions when the new technology may don’t suit the operations. Maybe some operations will be difficult to operate with digitalized technologies. You need to make a clear data from the experts and also about the technology, thus making sure the future working smooth.

• Give more importance to the employees: We had always heard enough news such as “robots – better employees”, “robots take place of workers”, etc. There should be any discrimination for workers after the fixing of new technologies because ones the workers start feeling the same, Of course, yes the output of your business will be worst. Always start your new technology high level works for the workers, also give them time to grass the new technologies and start the low-level automated tasks with the automated machines. Also, in future technologies will be developing and in every sector updations in technologies take place, always keep in mind to give some time for the workers to learn new technologies because skilled workers are always a profit for every business.
• In technology growth in IT sectors, the most important factor of digital transformation is the improved satisfaction of customers. So rather than planning internal company goals also give time o hear the customer’s suggestions and requirements. Because these reperformed outputs create a positive impact and satisfaction in their projects thus earning better customer experience. Once you have collected details of the suggestions and requirements of your clients, customize your technologies in such a way that better client satisfied outputs are created.

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