The essential website features to create online grocery shopping store

May 14, 2020 - 5 minutes read

An online grocery shop aims at giving the most excellent quality grocery items directly to the customer’s doorstep at competitive prices. Users, in this case, can order goods from the company’s website and choose a time slot for the delivery. Few websites force users to spend online before the order, and few offer cash on delivery payment option too. What it takes to run an online grocery store successfully- Powerful Website Features. Grocery stores have a wide array of goods and to offer users the ease of ordering, the new stores should make the products easily available.
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Some of the features needed for online grocery stores website

Main Navigation
Navigation is the most essential part of an eCommerce store. Make sure the main navigation of your website stands out; using a striking color can be helpful in this regard. This navigation should include all the major sections of grocery items being allowed by you. Show product names in the drop-down with sub-category names specified in bold when a user hovers over a particular category.

The footer area must include links to all the relevant pages. Navigation links should be described as Products, About, Shopping, Payment Method, Get in Touch, etc. On the homepage, you can attach an email subscriber widget, which can be located just above the footer. This widget will be quite helpful for making an email base.

Sign in the area regularly has less range of arrangements yet you can make it the most satisfying section of your website. Use distinct terms like ‘New User’, ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’ and attempt to make the registration process smoother. You can also attach a banner image telling visitors about a promotional offer related to registration.
Asking for a phone number at the point of registration helps fight spam and handles the issue of multiple accounts from the same household. Assign various pages for login and registration.

Search Feature
A flawless search feature is one that lets users search for products from separate sections in a fraction of a second.

Filter Options
Filter options are very essential for an eCommerce website as users usually need to choose products based on price or brand. Make sure you provide users with filter options at the appropriate place

Add to Cart Feature
The point of adding a product into the shopping cart and then continuing with payment is the backbone of any eCommerce site. you can make the added products look at the bottom of the page. However, most eCommerce websites present the added products in a sidebar for the ease of users. We leave this upon you to try and decide whether presenting the cart at the bottom in a bar will add value to the website or will be a hassle for users.

Checkout Feature
The checkout page must be created neatly and to accomplish this, the place of everything including the listing of products, quantity, and prices must be planned.