Tips for better website conversions.

May 18, 2020 - 7 minutes read

Let’s start the blog with “what is a website conversion means?” A website conversion means – a process when someone entered in your website completes a predetermined action on your website, It may be sharing a post, blog, buying a product, signing up on an event, whatever the desired action that you have done as per the predetermined steps on the website can be mentioned as a conversion. Below are some examples of the website conversion process.
• Making the sale of the product on the website
• Filling a form
• clicking a button
• Signing up, etc.

Dealing with website conversion, the conversion rate is also a relevant related topic to be discussed. Conversion rate is the percentage of conversion or the people or the activity completed as per the predetermined action on the website. It’s easy to calculate the conversion rate. For example, people filled the form on the website divided by people that entered your website. Multiplying this answer with 100 gives you the percentage rate.

Here are some of the tips that can be used to improve the conversion rate.

User experience: It’s always important to create a website in all manner that works better for the customers. In every aspect like design, graphics, font, everything matters. If you are not getting a better conversion means your customers are not stuck with your website. Only a smart website can steal the eyes of the viewer to spend more time on the website. Analyse your audience and sort their experience on the website, then clear all problems involving with user experience.

Highlight your call to action: Call to action means it’s the pathway to take a desired action on the website or we can say that it’s the highlighted option to complete the desired action on the website. I can mention some of the commonly seen calls to action words that are familiar to you.
• Get a Free Demo
• Buy it now
• Get your offer now
• Download free
• Sign me up, etc.
Make sure that your viewer has no problem for easily locating this call to action button. Make it always highlighted from the theme. The audience should get this button faster and also they should get what this option is for. So use the relevant and effective keyword for the call to action button. Fill this button with a color that gets highlighted from its background thus catching the eye of the audience.

Simplified Navigations: Navigations play a great role in user experience and conversion rates. Adding a lot of irrelevant information on your website can’t bring a better conversion rate. Only fill relevant information on your website, even its short, they should be effective. It easily helps your audience to find the required information on the website. So keep in mind to build a simple, effective and organized navigations

Mobile-friendly website: In this present World, People are more interested to use the internet with their smartphones. Moreover, all applications and works can be done with smartphones itself. So a mobile-friendly website plays a great role in website conversion. If your website is still not a mobile-friendly website, fast actions are required. Below mentioned are some of the points that may raise your mobile-friendliness

• Always create a responsive design such that it will support the mobile-friendliness and also better user experience thus better conversion rate can be achieved.
• As browsing with mobile phones, they should be easy to handle with the fingers, so make your websites thumb-friendly.
• We all may be familiar with a situation such as low clarity fonts on the websites while browsing with the phones. Viewer struggles to sort out the information required for them from such websites and also the majority of the viewer’s quit the website. So keep in mind to use larger fonts that are easily visible in mobile phones also.
Simplify your conversion rate: Don’t make your conversion process more lengthy and complicated for the viewers. Such a process will surely reduce the conversion rate. Make the conversion process simple and fast. Avoid unnecessary information required entries and make it quite easy. Thus achieve your conversion goals