What Features make Online Delivery Applications Convenient and Comfortable?

September 1, 2021 - 6 minutes read

Who ought that an uncomplicated notion of door-step deliveries can be so successful in the subsequent years? Online delivery applications have greater importance in the upcoming days.

Delivery applications must have customer, delivery person, and business owner features. Have a look through it.

Customer’s App:

Search filter: 

The apps allow users to explore their grocery stores, restaurants, hotels, shops by location and choices. All search options are curates customized for comfort search and choices. This makes ordering extremely easy.

Order Placement: 

Make it easier for customers to confirm their orders with easy navigations and taps. Furnish them with the navigation that drives them straightforwardly to the look at technique. For example, let them select and add their item to the wish list or cart before ordering. From that point head the customers towards the last ‘check-out and ”payment’ phase.

Real-time tracking:

Ordered item tracking through Google map integration and geolocation maps to assures customers are aware of their delivery. Moreover, customers can also check and live tracking, how much time takes to reach. This makes trust and comfort in the on-demand services.

Payment gateway integration:

Integrate with the delivery applications with payment gateways like Google pay, PayPal, and more. This allows customers to make the transaction through credit/debit card. The system is integrated with multiple payment options.

Real-time availability:

Allow your users to check the availability of the items and requirements through your delivery app development. The developed system can be easy to order the choices in a few simple steps.

Review and ratings:

Customer feedback and rating imposes a great role in online delivery. The rating and reviews help the developers to resolve the loopholes in time.

Delivery Driver’s App:

Signup or login:

The applications are integrated with social media platforms like Gmail and Facebook and the delivery persons can sign up or log in with it. With simple steps, drivers can register and sign in with the application.

User profile: 

The driver’s complete profile is updated with a photo, name, email address, contact number, and other important information. they can also update their availability.

Notification alert for new orders:

Delivery persons have been alerted with push-up notifications for the new orders they are assigned. As per the working time of business, the drivers are alerted.

Manage multiple deliveries:

The deliverers can also manage multiple orders and deliveries at the same time and respond to all the orders that are nearby destinations.

GPS map integration:

To reach the correct destinations through the fastest routes. The apps cope with the location.

Admin Dashboard:

Monitoring performance: 

Overall performance of the application including drivers, deliveries, orders, and canceled items, data related to created profiles such as customers and drivers can be monitored and maintained through the admin dashboard.

Manage orders:

Check and manage every single activity from pickups, departure, and scheduled orders. Easily manage the orders and deliver them on a timely basis.

Real-time Updates: 

The business owner can update the products on stock, driver details, prices, and offers according to their availability.

Payment and commission management:

Managers can handle payment and rates directly from the dashboard based on a single payment and order.

Characterizing your intended interest group for a fruitful portable application must be an essential undertaking. Regardless of whether you want to begin a conveyance or portable online delivery business, you need to definitively know and comprehend your intended interest group.

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