Grow your Business with Enquiry Management Application

February 24, 2022 - 4 minutes read

An on-demand enquiry management app’s success necessitates much more than just designing it and releasing it to the app stores. Here are four practical approaches to your enquiry management mobile application to expand your business,

Begin in your vicinity

It’s advisable to test your idea in a small, densely populated area first. With a limited but well-defined target audience, it’s easier to promote, hire contractors, and test out app features to find bugs. After that, you can broaden your target user base and extend your operations.

App Promotion before Launch

It’s critical to publicize on-demand service management even before it launches to make it a success. To promote your app, use all available marketing channels, including social media, offline ads, and referrals.

Establish a Referral and Reward Program

Try introducing special incentives like gifts, discounts, or coupons to boost your customer base. Offers can be made as a way to entice people to download your app. Before presenting such incentives, make sure you’ve done your homework on your target market.

Partnerships in Business

Publishers of on-demand apps can take a cut of every delivery made through their platform. Before constructing the revenue model, this number should be negotiated and agreed upon. In B2B apps, forming partnerships with suppliers and receivers is critical, as is forming partnerships with providers in P2P apps. Partnerships with well-known vendors are a rapid way to build a user base because the retailer already has a customer base.


As an effect, it ensures that you not only put your best foot forward every time but also reduce the possibility of inquiries going through the cracks. This way, you’ll be able to appropriately manage and follow up with anyone who asks for additional information, increasing your chances of selling and growing your business.


With only one click, the enquiry management software allows you to send directly from the software. It’s time to create a current reminder, and the software will do the rest! Please contact Ynot Infosolutions if you need help developing a business-oriented enquiry management application. We’ll be waiting for your response.

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